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Acquaintance on Bingo Equipment and Accessories

Playing bingo is not only about marking the called out winning numbers from the player's bingo card but also getting acquainted about the bingo equipments and its accessories that are responsible for giving bingo players so much fun when playing bingo.

The bingo card is the primary equipment that features the bingo numbers in columns. The card consists of five squares of five columns totaling to 25 boxes in all with 24 numbers and a single box at the middle designated as free.

The most basic of getting acquainted with the bingo card is to see that each column has a designated letter that reads B-I-N-G-O. Each column also has designated random numbers taken from the following order: B - 1 to 15, I - 16 to 30, N - 31 to 45, G - 46 to 60, O - 61 to 75.

Players have to match the called out winning numbers from their card numbers that must form the determined winning pattern for the game session. The bingo cards usually come in the form of printed disposable paper or cardboard cards. There are some casinos that continue using the traditional hard cards that bingo players can match the numbers with a token or chips and even pennies.

The bingo caller is the person responsible for announcing the winning numbers drawn from the bingo blower. The caller takes the role of calling out the drawn numbers and to announce the patterns for the game session before the bingo game begins.

Bingo player needs to match the numbers called from their bingo cards with a corresponding pattern. The two most common bingo patterns are the straight line and cover-all. The straight line pattern gives a player a bingo if the numbers on their cards can form a straight line in three ways: vertical, diagonal and horizontal. The free space at the middle is literally free.

The coverall pattern is often called as the blackout where all numbers on the bingo card must be covered within the number limit of calls. This is the pattern that gives bingo players the jackpot prize.

The bingo balls are numbered from 1 to 75 with a printed letter from the word bingo and are placed inside the bingo blower. The blower consists of a trap that catches a ball bearing the winning number automatically one at a time. The bingo balls are of the same size, weight, balance and shape to ensure that all balls will have the equal chance to be drawn.

The bingo monitor displays all the bingo numbers and the winning numbers are lighted. It appears as a score board that also displays the diagram of pattern that is in play to allow bingo players to check their cards for numbers that were already called.

Daubers are colored markers used by bingo players on marking their cards for the winning numbers. It is considered to be an essential tool for playing the modern game of bingo.

Being able to identify the various bingo accessories and equipment gives bingo players more confidence of playing the bingo game.