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Bingo Hall Rules and Etiquette: Playing It the RIght Way

Whether you are playing bingo in a real bingo hall or online, you will always be dealing with people who are there playing the game for the same reasons as you are. It is so easy to play bingo and have fun, especially if you are around people you like or know very well. However, there are also times when inadvertently, whether you meant it or not, you step someone's else's toes, which would not look good on you and would definitely take the fun out of playing the game.

Not to worry though, bingo has its own set of rules on how to play and get along without having everyone else think that you are a newbie who knows nothing about the game, a total klutz, or just plain disagreeable.

Each hall or online bingo gaming site have its own set of house rules, and that is the first step in making sure that you start off the game in the right foot. Read the house rules first.This way you'll get an idea about what and what not to do.

Below are some of the common rules you might see posted on the sites or in the halls.

Some halls and internet sites require their players to be over 18. Whether you can bring food and drinks inside the hall depends on the house, although some wont allow it if they already have food and drinks for sale inside.

It is usually common for the hall to prohibit players from leaving the game, especially if a large jackpot is at stake. You are also not allowed to reserve specific cards, as well as have friends or relatives watching while you play.

Finally, the most important rule is calling the bingo, once you make it, at the right time. This is usually right after the last number that completed your bingo was called. Once the caller has started reading the next number, it is already too late to call the bingo.

This is why you have to be attentive, which brings us to another important point to remember when playing. Once the caller gets down to business and starts calling the numbers, it makes good sense to talk quietly and not make a ruckus that will distract the other players from listening to the numbers. Doing so will probably generate a lot of angry stares your way. If you have the habit of repeating the numbers to yourself, keep your voice to a minimum.

Bingo halls will likely have their fair share of lucky seats, so if your new to a hall and happened to sit on one, chances are you'll be asked to move. It is usually polite to go along with the request.

Finally, makes sure that you have the right numbers before calling the bingo.Other players may get irritated at the false alarms, especially if you keep doing them.

So there you go, a few rules and then some, to get you started on enjoying the game and making sure that others enjoy it too. As long as you follow these rules and use a bit of common sense, you'll definitely have a fun night playing bingo.