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Defining a Charity Event - Basket Bingo

Bingo is enjoyed by many as a great time to gather not only in hope to win the jackpot prize but to mingle and give of yourself in a charitable event. Bingo games are held in fairs, big time bingo parlors, and even churches. A wide variety of players come and enjoy the games all vying for the prize or to give what they can for good cause.

One variant of the game that has gained popularity is basket bingo. Basket bingo is particularly held for a charitable cause. The game is usually sponsored by a church and is played in church basements or community halls. This game usually hauls in both bingo aficionados and basket collectors. Now, that usually brings one to ask why the game is called basket bingo.

The name of the game itself kind of gives it all away. This form of bingo is where players win prizes in baskets, otherwise known as basket prizes. In other events basket bingo jackpots consist of collectible, and sometimes collectors' items, baskets such as Longenberger baskets. So you can be sure that you won't be winning cash in basket bingo but instead you'll be getting goods.

The collectible baskets bring in a lot of participants. This event is not your usual small time game but does reel in a lot of people, which makes it an ideal event to set up for charity. Some collectible baskets up for grabs are rare while there are those that cost hundreds of dollars. Well, the rare ones and the really expensive collector design baskets usually become the jackpot prize.

There are basket bingo events that do offer other prizes. Since the other concept of this form of bingo is to give out prizes in kind, and since it is called basket bingo, expect the prizes to be wrapped and contained in baskets as well. Your local fire department, charity organization, or church may sponsor this kind of fund raising event. That having been said, you should expect a good attendance when a basket bingo is sponsored.

If you would like to give what might help others in a charitable cause then you may head on to the next basket bingo you'll find. However, remember to come to the event early. Since basket bingo is a crowd catcher, you may find the parking lot at the said location to be packed if you come in late. Finding a parking space may well be tougher than the actual game.

Basket bingo nights are fun where people join together for a good cause. You may not win cash per se but the collectible items and the warm feeling you get of being a help is reward enough.