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What's the Diff Between Live and Online Bingo?

Bingo is one of those games that is best enjoyed when played among a group. While bingo itself is a one player game; being with close friends, family, and those familiar strangers you are so used to seeing in bingo games; makes it a more exciting game.

When you talk about bingo as merely the game - rules, regulations and such - there really is no big difference between an online bingo and a live bingo. You play the same patterns, wait for numbers to be called out, mark your cards, and pretty much just wait until you get everything right.

However, in online bingo social interaction is limited to chatting live with other players - friends, family, and strangers. In a live bingo game, you actually see in physical form who you're sitting with, who are playing, and who's missing from your regular group.

In live bingo also, you naturally have to trek to the nearest bingo hall in order to play for only a couple of hours at most because there are other factors affecting your game.

For instance, in live bingo, you have to take note of the schedules of play so you can arrange you day in order to fit your bingo game into your hectic routine. You also have to take note of how long you're going to be playing because there is the other concern of having to drive home after your game.

In online bingo, you do away with such hassles as driving to and from the bingo hall; and taking note of play schedules so you're sure that when you do go, there is actually a game on instead of finding an empty bingo hall.

When you play your online bingo, the only thing you have to consider is where to play as there are a lot of online bingo rooms now on the internet that you can choose from.

There are no fixed and strict schedules in online bingo so even if the only time you can squeeze it in is after everyone at home is fast asleep, it doesn't matter. You can still play for as long as you want because you don't have to leave home to be able to play. True, you have to be content with live chatting instead of actually talking to people in person; you have however the advantage of talking to other players from other parts of the world.

You can have a ball just chatting the hours away while playing online bingo.