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  1. The Mental Fitness Potential in Playing Bingo


Why Bingo Halls are Bursting at the Seams

Bingo has been played by people of all ages since it was first introduced ages ago. It was said to have been derived from the game beano. In beano, one person will choose discs with numbers on them from a box and the players will place a bean on their cards if their number was called. The winner will shout beano!

In the beginning, bingo halls were only visited by bingo players once a week or when a bingo social was being held - which often did not happen frequently during the early stages of the game.

This was why, a bingo social at that time was in reality a much-awaited social function. It was a reason to dress up and meet up with friends. And then the popularity of bingo took a nosedive when other forms of entertainment became more available and more suitable to specific ages.

For a time, playing bingo was more associated with senior citizens. People regarded it as the game for the elderly because it didn't require much movement, thinking and analyzing.

However, studies conducted by groups who want to determine the mental effects of bingo to its players, revealed that bingo players actually have more mental agility than people who don't play bingo regularly.

It has also been concluded that bingo players have better memory than those who again don't play bingo. This could only mean that bingo stimulates the brain and is therefore very helpful to the elderly to maintain their mental agility and to the younger ones to help increase their mental functioning.

This is not to say that you become smarter by playing bingo but you do get more alert and aware and your mind becomes more receptive to the thousands of information passing through your brain on a daily basis.

Today, bingo has once again become a favorite game of people from all ages and walks of life. With bingo now available for playing online, it all the more helped in boosting the game's popularity.

With the prize money awaiting the lucky winners plus the social networking it can provide you not to mention having a good time with your friends without having to trek to the nearest casino, online bingo is indeed the best option for playing bingo if you're not picky about where you play.

Today also, if you walk into a bingo hall or wherever it is they are holding bingo games, you will find people strewn all over the place. All tables are occupied, and the rest just standing waiting for their numbers to be called.